Senior Community Manager

Posted on: 05/02/17, 10:30am

Position: Senior Social Media Community Manager (2-4 years) – Full-Time
Location: Minneapolis, MN

At The Social Lights®, Senior Community Managers are responsible for developing and implementing social media strategies and campaigns that suit our clients’ outlined marketing objectives. This includes content development, monitoring and response, analytics and reporting, and paid social management.



Minimum Qualifications


Preferred Qualifications


We’re not currently hiring, but if you think you’d be a good fit for The Social Lights® Senior Community Manager position, send a pdf of your resume + cover letter to careers [at] with subject line “Senior Community Manager – Your Name”. While we may not currently be hiring, we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals with a passion for social media.

For more information, check out our Agency Fact Sheet, and visit us on: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Snapchat | Instagram.


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