Hey Minnstagrammers! It’s warming up. Which means, it’s getting easier to capture ALL THE OBLIGATORY MPLS ‘GRAMS.

So grab your phone and go forth to capture the most ♡-worthy photos for Minnstagram Bingo. Snap, share, hashtag and watch the double taps flow like Minnehaha Falls. And who knows, maybe you’ll win a prize from The Social Lights?!

Get your Minnstagram Bingo card here:

The-Social-Lights-Minnstagram-Bingo-CardDownload your Minnstagram Bingo Card

Ready to get started?

Great! Here’s how it’s done:
1. Follow @MinnstagramBingo on Instagram

2. Tag @MinnstagramBingo in your photo

3. Use the hashtag #MinnstagramBingo

*Pro tip: drop the hashtag in the comments of your friends’ ‘grams to compliment their #Minnstagram game. We’ll be reaching out to specific users and regramming our favorites. Remember how we hinted at prizes earlier? ; )