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4 Insights Digital Marketers Need to Know from INBOUND 2018

Forgoing a typical Labor Day Weekend at the lake, Account Managers Katie and Kelsey headed East to attend the Hubspot INBOUND Conference in Boston, Mass. The weeklong conference took place from September 4-7 and “celebrates the […]

5 Ways To Get and Share UGC on Instagram Stories

As a marketing manager, you would be remiss if you didn’t believe UGC would fit the bill for your current digital marketing strategy. Instead of spending a section of your budget on event marketing or traditional media, consider setting aside some dollars for these 5 tactics.

How to Make Brand Memes That Aren’t a Stretch

We're saying it again for the people in the back: Generation Z loves memes. But Millennials (and even your grandma!) have also been quick to pick up this form of content. Here are 3 ways to make sure you’re making meme content that sticks.

The Ultimate Guide to GIF Stickers for Brands

It’s crazy to think that your favorite file format, 31-year-old GIF, is also a Millennial. From compressed file alternatives to stickers that express all the feels, GIFs have certainly evolved since their creation. But what are GIF stickers? Let's dive in.

How to Ensure the Right KPIs Rise to the Top

We get it – data isn’t sexy. Presenting the next viral hit to your client can be a lot easier than explaining why their commercial didn’t perform well as an Instagram post. But we’re here to change that perspective.

3 Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Social Listening

There’s a lot of noise on social media. We know you hear it, but are you listening? Here are 3 ways you can focus your attention and really listen to your audience.

4 Ways Brands Can Stay Relevant on Social Media

Things are ever-changing in the social media landscape. It seems as though the only constant is change. So, how do you ensure marketing strategies stand the test of time and remain impactful?

3 Things Marketers Can Learn from #MPRraccoon

It’s hard to predict that one day a rogue raccoon is going to scale your 25-story building, but once it happens, your marketing team needs to be prepared.