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5 Social Media Hacks to Give the Gift They Never Knew They Needed

If you don’t already, start looking to social platforms as a launching point for your gift-giving needs. There is a plethora of inspiration, ideas, and direction available across social platforms. You just have to know where to look.

#SmartSocialSummit 2017: Stay true, find balance, and give your audience a voice.

October is coming to a close, which means it’s that time of year where we hop a plane to Austin, Texas, to join the smartest in social at the annual Spredfast Summit. Our team took in keynotes, panels, breakouts, and one-on-one conversations to glean insights about the social media industry and its evolving role in brand marketing.

Status Update: Q3 Social Media Trends

What new advertising opportunities did Snapchat announce in Q3? Why are Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat all pushing into regular programming? What has Pinterest been up to in visual search? Find all this and more in Status Update, our quarterly trend report.

A 4-Step Checklist for Brands and Hopping on Social Trends

Should your brand hop on the trendwagon? Here are a quick checklist of do's and don'ts that your brand can apply to any trend, as told through #PumpkinSpice.

How marketers can use Facebook Groups to foster brand loyalty.

Facebook groups are another effort to bring like-minded individuals together, encouraging positive interaction with the aim of helping users foster meaningful relationships around brands and topics that they are personally passionate about. How do brands leverage the new feature?

How Amazon could force Facebook’s hand in eCommerce.

Jeff Bezos and Amazon are drawing attention with recent rumors about launching a personal messaging app. The app, reportedly called 'Anytime', would link users through one-to-one messaging. While this is certainly a big move for Amazon, the ripples made will inevitably alter Facebook’s current course.

How Instagram’s API announcement is a win for marketers.

Instagram expanded its API to approved third parties, allowing for more data and insight to be pulled from the platform than ever before. There was an audible cheer from social strategist Gina Vo when the news broke. She's pumped. We're pumped. Marketers everywhere should be pumped.

Status Update: Q2 Social Media Trends

What new creative tools were announced in Q2? What platforms did Facebook knock off this time? Could Facebook's efforts in unifying its family of apps have wider-reaching effects? What's all the hubbub around chatbots? Is there still hope for Twitter? Find your answers to these questions and more, along with all your updates from around the social sphere, in our quarterly publication, Status Update.