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3 Tips to Generate Deeper Engagement and Beat the Facebook Algorithm

Generating deeper engagement on social media starts with ensuring branded content adds to and improves the customer experience, both digitally and physically.

TSL’s Top-11 Made-for-Social Experiences in Minneapolis during Super Bowl Week

This week, over 1 million people are expected to brave the #BoldNorth and take in all the Twin Cities have to office. From the Super Bowl Experience to Nicollet Ave to the game itself, there is no shortage of to-do’s and attractions.

What Brands Can Learn About Live Content From HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia has blown up in popularity in the last few months, getting more than one million people to play in a single live trivia game. We break down the app's success, and how brands can apply these lessons to their live content.

Brand Guide Social Care

The Social Lights’ Guide to Social Care

Let’s run through a day in the life of a Social Media Manager. To start, there is no 9-to-5. It’s an always-on role, one your brand depends on heavily to ensure consumers' needs are met.

Simply put, there is no typical day as a Social Media Manager.

Breaking Down Why CPMs Rise During the Holidays

You’re running campaigns as usual. Good ones, campaigns that have succeeded in the past. All of a sudden, though, the cost of those same strategies and campaign structures increased in October, and your November numbers are even higher. What gives?

The Social Lights 2018 Social Media Predictions

Marketers looking to maintain an edge over the competition should keep these trends in mind for 2018. As quickly as technology evolves, social media is never far behind in applying the latest and greatest.

How Twitter’s new 280-character limit creates new opportunities for Marketers.

While “brevity is the soul of wit,” Twitter rolled out a new update in early November allowing its users 280 characters to express themselves on the platform. Let's break down the feature's best use cases.

5 Social Media Hacks to Give the Gift They Never Knew They Needed

If you don’t already, start looking to social platforms as a launching point for your gift-giving needs. There is a plethora of inspiration, ideas, and direction available across social platforms. You just have to know where to look.