A Beginner’s Guide to Emotional Social Content

By Kelsey Anderson

As much as we want to think we’re rational creatures propelled by logic and facts, the truth is: we’re emotional. If we don’t feel something, we won’t do anything. We’re all influenced by emotions (whether we like it or not) and the sooner we begin leaning into emotion with our social content, the better.

The trouble is, how do you make sure you’re evoking the right emotion with your content? Consumers can tell almost immediately if you’re aligning with the wrong emotion. So how do you find the right fit?

Look to Your Values

Is your company fun and light-hearted or deep and moody? Uncover the emotions you want the consumer to feel when using or thinking about your brand and lean in. Care/of does just that by encouraging wellness and advocating for self-care to help evoke serenity.

Narrow Your Focus

If you fill your content with too many emotions, you’ll be unable to make a deep connection with any audience, let alone the audience you’re aiming for. Hone in on one emotion and weave it into your social content.

Bugles has leaned fully into silly humor since the product itself is playful in nature.

Consider Your Audience

Presumably, you already have some sort of following or brand champion. Dig into who they are, what they want, and their expectations of your brand.

Patagonia feeds their audience’s vigilance with content that showcases the work they’re doing, the state of the environment, and opportunities to get involved.

Make It Natural

Consumers aren’t dumb. They can spot a forced-fit from miles away. Emote naturally and avoid trying too hard. Charity: Water does this by sharing the stories of impacted individuals and showing their positive emotions within the content.

Get More Insights Into Emotionally-Engaging Content

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