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Object Recognition Setting the Stage For Mixed-Reality Advertising

If you’ve kept up with social media news and updates over the first half of 2017, you’ve read the words “object recognition” about as often as you’ve read “Facebook copies Snapchat.” Pinterest’s Lens was among […]

5 Insights Marketers Need to Know from the Social Shake Up

Two TSL team members hopped a plane last week, traveling to Atlanta for the 2017 Social Shake Up Show. Account Managers Alli Kahle and Kelsey Orthaus made the trip to network, gain insights, identify pain points, and see what the industry’s sharpest minds offered to take on social media’s most pressing issues.

Pinterest, the 5 W’s, and Real-World Relevance

Pinterest believes that entering the real world is its final hurdle in attracting these advertisers. But how does a social platform push itself into the real world?

Bringing Social Media to Life with iMPuLSe Creative

Recently, we were given the opportunity to paint our wall, but not in a “What color would you like your wall” kind of way. We wanted to do something fresh, something new, and something that would encourage conversation.

Status Update: Recapping Social Media in Q1

Social platforms came out firing in Q1. From Facebook launching copycat features in its ongoing quest to be everything for its users, to the marketing world converging on social media, marketers will (or at least should) start reevaluating their current social strategy.

Beyond The Platform: Shortcuts to Social Media Success

The weekly and monthly updates are a constant barrage that, in all honesty, aren’t always worth keeping up on. Further, they’re typically only applicable on one or two platforms. That's why we pulled together our top-10 practices for you to use on any platform, any time.

Three Takeaways for Marketers from SXSW Interactive 2017

Our first steps at SXSW are always taking a birds-eye view at the events and mapping the best route for our experience. Across the conference, it was obvious the path that the event managers wanted you to follow.


7 Tips for Creating Content with Instagram Carousels

By giving users the option to hold onto a moment, rather than simply narrate an activity, Instagram is effectively turning the phrase from “did you see what I did” to “remember that time when…”