The Ultimate Guide to GIF Stickers for Brands

By Kelsey Anderson

It’s crazy to think that your favorite file format, 31-year-old GIF, is also a Millennial. From compressed file alternatives to stickers that express all the feels, GIFs have certainly evolved since their creation.

But what are GIF stickers? They’re GIFs with transparent backgrounds that can be found on both Instagram and Snapchat. Each platform has a library stocked with thousands of these stickers, via GIPHY integrations, that users can pick from and attach to their direct messages and stories.

Their popularity has only risen since their launch on the platforms in early 2018. If your brand is on Instagram, it’s not really a question of if you should be using them but how.

Let’s dive in.

How Brands Use (and Should Use) GIF Stickers

The most effective way for brands to get in on GIF stickers is to create their own. These can be branded, product-focused, animated, and more. The sky’s the limit!

Some brands, like Bubly, focus their stickers on helping users animate their images with stickable smiles, lips, and mustaches.


Other brands use their sticker GIFs as a way for fans to interact with their Instagram campaigns or contests. Benefit Cosmetics, for example, is on a mission to find the next big brow trend this summer via Instagram contest. The rules are simple — recreate two of Benefit’s four new brow styles and post the final looks on Instagram.

The more you post, the more chances you have to win a trip to Camp Benefit — a brow masterclass hosted by influencers — and $50,000. Because voting is open to the public, Benefit has created branded GIPHY stickers for fans to show whose team they’re on.

The key is to just start creating.

How to Make GIF Stickers

Start simple — consider the assets you already have. Do you have video or a series of photos that you could stitch together to make a GIF? If not, consider partnering with a creator.

The most notable GIF creators include Martina Martian, Emma Darvick, and of course, Pablo Rochat. Each of these creators has a deep understanding of what is trending on social and a familiarity with how younger audiences interact with GIFs. Using this, they translate funny, relatable, and sometimes even bizarre moments into GIFs.







Whether you’ve designed your own stickers or worked with a creator, a GIPHY Brand Channel should be your next step. When you have 10+ GIFs created, your brand can apply for its own channel and upload the looping pieces of art.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve created some awesome GIF stickers, you’ll want to incorporate them into your Instagram Stories. Lucky for you, we’ve unfolded all things Instagram Stories, GIFs, and memes in the latest issue of our quarterly trend publication — Trend Tap.

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