Why Social?

Social media marketing allows your business to reach specific audiences with relevant, helpful, and timely information that makes their life better.

Our Proven Process

The Social Capability Model is made up of six core components that are vital to a strong business, big or small. Through The Social Lights Proven Process, we work with brands and businesses to build, manage, and strengthen these components in order to achieve business results through the power of social media.

The Core Components

Social Strategy

Successful social media management starts with solid strategy. Your Social Strategy gives clear and specific direction for the planning and execution in the other five areas of your Social Capability to best help you achieve your business goals.

Social Care + Engagement

Consumers use social media to engage with brands to solve problems, ask questions, and make purchase decisions. High social engagement by your business can build brand loyalty and show potential customers that you are serious about serving them.

Content Production

Effective Content is deeply connected to understanding humans and human emotions and takes into consideration the nuances and best practices of each platform. We respect the audience by speaking to them in their unique tone and voice with messages that resonate with their worldview.

Social Listening

A strong social media capability means strong listening. Listening insights can be used to improve engagement with your customers, understand the market, identify social media content trends, and ultimately impact your business.

Measurement + Optimization

Measurement allows your business to learn what is working, what isn’t, and then plan on how to adjust. Collecting numbers isn’t enough - understanding how to translate numbers into insights requires part science and part intuition.

Paid Social

Social advertising is an opportunity to reach specific audiences with relevant, helpful, and timely information that makes their life better. With a thoughtful approach to Paid, your business can target new audiences, deepen your relationship with long-time customers, and re-engage customers you haven’t interacted with in a while.



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