Tedi O’Brien

Tedi is Senior Community Manager, patio hopper, and engagement enthusiast. On social media, she’s always looking to not only reach her immediate audience, but also her second and third-degree connections.

Tedi has experience in social strategy and editorial work, taking on everything from content development to social listening to analytics reporting. A Minnesota native and Iowa State grad, she loves the way social media is evolving communication and its ability to reach a mass audiences while conveying a personal feel.

With a feel for the aesthetic, she works to help brands generate a cohesive appearance across platforms, looking to generate brand recognition before a viewer even sees the name attached.

When she’s not building brand, she loves exploring Minneapolis by trying new food on Eat Street and bouncing between pop-up shops. Tedi also enjoys reading, and while she prefers the indoors, she’ll look to find a spot by a window to soak in the sun.