Trend Tap

Our quarterly trend publication dives into a topic of debate in the world of social, shares our point of view, provides best-in-class brand examples, and showcases untapped opportunities.

Emotion is the difference between between content that sparks change — in opinion, in loyalty, and in purchasing decisions — and content that can be scrolled over. When you infuse your content with emotion, you create thumb-stopping moments that connect your audience to your brand.

In this issue of Trend Tap, we break down why emotionally-engaging content works and how brands have leveraged emotion to spark growth and promote deeper engagement.

Culture. It’s trend. It’s lifestyle. It’s values. It encompasses everything from the way we speak to the music we enjoy, the clothes we wear, and the traditions we practice. The waves that ripple through culture provide an opportunity for brands to join the conversation and create movements.

In this issue of Trend Tap, we break down culture, from its elements to ways brands can tap into and leverage culture to stay relevant.

In this issue, we break down three on-the-rise formats — GIFs, Instagram Stories, and memes. They have been packing quite the punch through dark social, a tough-to-measure but incredibly important indication of a brand’s effectiveness in the social sphere.

Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest content trends or hoping to find a fresh set of ideas for your upcoming content, this will be your ultimate resource for creating stand-out social content. We’ll walk you through the evolution of these formats, showcase best-in-class brands doing it right, and explain how you can get started.

Whether you’re seeking a “magic” formula or hoping to uncover the secrets of the most engaging brands on social, we’ve curated the best resources right here.

In this issue, we’ll bust some myths, talk measurement in “just nerdy enough” fashion, and analyze the best tactics from best-in-class brands.

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