Resurrecting a nostalgic brand for a modern generation

Harnessing the power of organic social to bring Dunkaroos back to life

While gone from shelves, millennial childhood fave Dunkaroos weren’t forgotten. Since their retirement, an overwhelming amount of passionate requests for their return flooded social media. This led General Mills to bring Dunkaroos back to life.

Obsessed with Dunkaroos. Please come back!

— @KimKardashian

Let’s just be honest here: People needed this. 

We didn’t know it at the time, but in a matter of weeks, life as we knew it would change. We were trapped in our homes during a global pandemic. It was a big election year. There was no toilet paper! People deserved some happiness.

We specifically targeted millennials age 22-40 by tapping into 90s nostalgia content to revive the love for this sugary treat. We also went back into the Twitter archives and replied to tweets from celebrities who had added their voice to the mix.

The culmination of listening to fans, teasing the launch, and adopting a voice and content strategy that modernized nostalgia made the return of Dunkaroos successful beyond all expectations.

And in a year like 2020, the Dunkaroos revival helped us all party like it’s 1999.

Dunkaros...your social media person ALREADY deserves a raise.

— @msbornconfused