4 Ways Brands Can Stay Relevant on Social Media


By Fatin Omerabi
Things are ever-changing in the social media landscape. It seems as though the only constant is change. The struggle for brands to capitalize on the vast audiences spread across numerous platforms directly stems from the pace of change.
Social media evolves as quickly as it expands. Blink and you’ll miss the newest social media platform (*cough* Vero). User behavior takes a sharp turn in one direction and then another based on a celebrity endorsement or something far less predictable.
With popular memes and trending topics popping up every day, it’s hard for brands to keep up.
So, how do you ensure marketing strategies stand the test of time and remain impactful? When everyone is given a microphone online, how do you ensure your voice isn’t lost in the crowd?
1. Stay Authentic
Every post and interaction on social should reflect a brand’s voice and, more importantly, a brand’s values. While some companies like Wendy’s and MoonPie have thrived by roasting unsuspecting Twitter users, can you imagine if Airbnb decided to @ you with a cheeky insult? It just wouldn’t work.

2. Find Your Influence
As a brand, it’s important to understand why consumers are following you. Understanding why your followers value your presence in their feed allows you to capitalize on it.
Are you there to educate? Make them laugh? Provide solutions? Maybe it’s a mix of all three. Once you have a grasp on your value in that space, you can tailor your messaging to make your followers keep coming back.
Beyond the introspective view, take the time to research where your competition lies. Where do they fit in the mix? Is there a gap that you can fill? Some of the best brands on social are ones that comprehend not only what their consumers and followers need but more importantly what they don’t.
3. Hit ‘Em in the Feels
There is a strong relationship between emotion and virality, which is defined as the percentage of shares compared to overall engagement. While it may seem obvious, positive emotion generates more interaction than negative emotion.
Yes, we’re all used to seeing mean comments, but retweets and shares come from a far happier place. Make your consumers feel something, or better yet, give them something to which they can truly relate.

4. Always be Agile
One more time: the only constant is change. Every single day, new trending topics move to the top of everyone’s feeds, a hot new song topped by the next hot track. Never over commit. Be willing to change a post or response to reflect the current climate. No need to wear a sweater in 80-degree weather.

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