6 Internet-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas
It’s that time of year again. We stock up on our favorite candy and scroll through Pinterest to find the perfect Halloween costume for ourselves (and our pets). There are seemingly endless options, but none of them quite fit the bill. We've pulled together 6 internet-inspired options just for you.


It’s that time of year again. We stock up on our favorite candy and scroll through Pinterest to find the perfect Halloween costume for ourselves (and our pets). There are seemingly endless options, but none of them quite fit the bill.
Luckily, we’ve kept a pulse on the viral moments that have filled our feeds throughout the year and translated them into 6 last-minute Halloween costumes that will wow your followers.
1. Tide Pods
What started as a (very dangerous) video challenge quickly turned into an epidemic back in January, as teens began consuming Tide Pods to feed their curiosity. It feels like just yesterday that it took the internet by storm, but you can remind everyone about it with your DIY Halloween costume.
Level 1:
What You Need:

  • White T-Shirt
  • Blue and orange markers (and/or duct tape, iron-on, etc.)

How To:

  1. Buy a white t-shirt
  2. Draw or iron on an image of a Tide Pod!

Level 2:
What You Need:

  • Tagboard
  • Blue and orange markers or paint
  • String

How To:

  1. Draw the Tide Pod design on the board and hang around your neck


  1. Make it two-sided and drape like a sandwich board over your shoulders

2. Mason Ramsey
Better known as Lil’ Hank Williams or the Yodel Boy, Mason took the wholesome internet by storm in March with his rendition of Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues” in his local Walmart (shout out to the acoustics of big box stores).
What You Need:

  • Cowboy hat and boots
  • Jeans
  • Big belt buckle
  • White button-down shirt
  • Red bow tie

How To:

  1. Walk around with that certain swagger of a country boy sprung into Hollywood fame. Bonus points if you can hit the high notes.

3. Laurel/Yanny
In 2018’s version of “The Dress,” the Laurel vs Yanny debate split households all across America in a matter of hours back in May. Whether you heard Laurel or Yanny, this costume is sure to bring up some old feelings and strong opinions – apologies to everyone else at your Halloween party.
What You Need:

  • A costume buddy
  • Two t-shirts (any color)
  • Marker or iron-on

How To:

  1. Label one shirt Laurel
  2. Label the other shirt Yanny
  3. Have the sound clip ready

4. MPR Raccoon
Workday productivity was cut short one fateful day in June when a curious raccoon scaled a building in St. Paul, MN and captured the attention of a nation. People watched live feeds as this (sometimes sleepy) little creature climbed to safety over a 12-hour period.
Option 1:
What You Need:

  • Raccoon costume
  • Cardboard/tagboard
  • Art skills

How To:

  1. Wear raccoon costume
  2. Create a building design on your tagboard
  3. Strap your creation onto your back

Option 2:
What You Need:

How To:

  1. Just put ‘em on and have the raccoon jump on the building’s back for a couple photo for the ‘gram. This could also be cute to strap your baby on as the raccoon and dress as the building yourself!

5. iHob
When iHop announced it was changing its name to iHob: International House of Burgers, the internet had something to say about it. Twitter was ablaze with memes and reactions of the swap, prompting some other brands to hop in on the conversation (see what I did there?).
What You Need:

  • White Tee
  • Envelope fastener
  • Cardstock
  • Marker/paint/iron-on

How To:

  1. Write “iHo” on the t-shirt.
  2. Cut out the letter “p” or “b” in cardstock to match
  3. Poke the envelope fastener through the center so that it rotates in a circle from iHop to iHob

6. Moth and Lamp
The most recent viral moment from our list started when someone posted a picture of a large moth outside their window on Reddit. Quickly, we saw memers everywhere scrambling to jump in. The memes all somehow related to a moth’s natural attraction to light/lamps, making a perfect couples costume this Halloween.
What You Need:

  • A Moth costume
  • A Lamp costume

How To:

  1. Wear your respective costume.
  2. When you’re at the party, have the moth constantly ask other people if they’ve seen a lamp anywhere.

Bonus Points: run across the room and jump onto the lamp’s back for dramatic effect.


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