7 Ways to Show Your Followers a Little Love

Posted on: 03/13/18

By Joe Bozic

All You Need is Love

Can you feel it? There! That warm feeling coming from your computer. No, that’s not just the heat from your MacBook trying to handle the 34 tabs you have open in Chrome. It’s the love of your superfans on social media.

The ones who like and comment on every post. The ones who tag you in their own posts. The ones who slide into your DMs just to say thanks. Don’t they just beat all?

They enjoy your product. They can’t get enough of your copy. They strive to have an Instagram feed as lit as yours. They’re still on Facebook just so they have another way to get you into their life.

But that love song shouldn’t be a solo – it’s a duet! By singing a love song with your fans, you’ll find your social feed echoing with joy and excitement! You’ll grow loyalty and engagement, which in turn will help your content reach more people.

Here are seven ways to find harmony with your most devoted followers:

1. Love You To

The easiest thing you can do is throw some likes towards your fans. Have they tagged you in a Facebook post? Left a pleasant comment on your post? Used your hashtag? Give them a like! Show that you’re listening to them. It’s nice to be heard, and a fan who is heard is one who is more likely to keep engaging.

2. I Want to Tell You

You have a solid voice on social. Your copy is always on point and delights anyone who reads it. Bring that voice to life by engaging with your admirers. Did they leave a comment? Write a response! Did they tag you in a post? Give them some appreciation where their friends can see it. It will only encourage more love.

3. I’ll Follow the Sun

They’ve been following you from the beginning. They like your posts and leave comments on the regular. The thing that would put a real feather in their cap is a follow back. To have you in their list of followers validates their enthusiasm and makes it feel like there’s a real connection there. And there is a connection! You couldn’t do what you do without them.

By following them, you let superfans (and everyone else) know that you appreciate them, which makes your brand that much more enticing to follow and engage with.

We're following 99, who wants to be 💯? We'll randomly choose one person who comments 💯 on this post AND follows us. The chosen one will be followed Monday, March 5 at 9/8c. Good luck 😎

A post shared by Chex Mix (@chexmix) on

4. I Call Your Name

You like them. You talk to them. You follow them. Now it’s time to go the extra mile. Give your fans a shoutout in your Story or tag them in a Tweet. Let the rest of the world know that you appreciate your fans.

You can give someone a shoutout because they left a nice comment on your Page or simply to brighten their day. For whatever reason you do it, a little attention from your brand will bring a big smile to your fan’s face. When others see that you’re giving shoutouts to fans, they’re more likely to vie for your attention.

5. From Me To You

Beyond an @ mention or tag in your Stories, you can create a piece of art especially for your most enthusiastic fans. It could be a drawing, a haiku, or a magnificent Photoshopped picture of them riding a unicorn through space. Whatever you create, it’s sure to be loved and shared by the recipient with a passion for your brand that will make it resonate with everyone who sees it.

6. Please Mr. Postman

Is someone gushing about you on social? Is someone complaining about a bad experience? Here’s a fact: a gift will make a bad thing good, and a good thing great! Send along a little surprise and delight, such as a sample of your product, and you’re guaranteed to get some positive feedback.

I sent @eatbanza pasta a love note. Just to say thanks for making something great…(It's made from chick peas and high in protein which obvs i love, being vegetarian) And I got the funniest gift in return. Thank u @eatbanza, you truly are the best!!!!

A post shared by kristen bell (@kristenanniebell) on

Finally, for those extraordinary opportunities:

7. And Your Bird Can Sing

Did someone go above and beyond in professing their admiration for you? Did an influencer with a zillion fans just give you a shoutout? It’s time to pull out all of the stops. Get some custom swag made just for them. A one-of-a-kind beanie. A pair of socks with both your Instagram handles on it. There’s no better way to make them feel truly special, and they’ll certainly tell everyone they know about it.

Best birthday gift EVER !!! Thank you @mcdonalds #FacialRecognition

A post shared by Rory (@rorykramer) on

There’s no better way to beat the algorithm than to get people talking about your brand organically. By showing your superfans some love, you will definitely inspire conversations.

And just like that one song says, “The love you make is equal to an increase in engagement and higher visibility of all of your social content.” Catchy tune, isn’t it?

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