TSL’s Top-11 Made-for-Social Experiences in Minneapolis during Super Bowl Week

Posted on: 01/31/18

In today’s world, there are few better ways to show off how great of a time you’re having than through social media posts. People are constantly showing off what they’re doing, what they’re eating, where they’re going, and who they’re hanging with.

In response, brands are looking to generate these “check me out” moments for fans and consumers, creating made-for-social experiences to drive user-generated content (UGC) and word-of-mouth momentum.

This week, over 1 million people are expected to brave the #BoldNorth and take in anything and everything Minneapolis. From the Super Bowl Experience to Nicollet Ave to the game itself, there is no shortage of to-do’s or attractions.

This year, we’re proud to partner with the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee, helping connect brands, fans, and marketers to show off all that Minneapolis has to offer.

In showcasing the #BoldNorth, however, it’s easier to show off those attractions and must-do’s when those experiences are social-friendly.

So, here are our top-11 made-for-social experiences to help you make your friends and followers jealous and beef up that Instagram feed.

1. ‘Sota Pop: Explore Minnesota partnered with local artists to create an Instagram-ready experience and show off the Minnesota life through a walk-through exhibit. The ‘Sota Pop covers the Mississippi River, Paul Bunyon’s blue ox, First Ave, and more. The designs, murals, and interactive props make this a can’t-miss piece of the Super Bowl experience.


Exploring Minnesota in 5 rooms at #SotaPop.

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2. Mississippi Zipline: Cross the Mississippi in style, gliding 100 feet above the water. Grab your GoPro, strap in, and enjoy the 800-foot ride, taking in views of Northeast Minneapolis, the river, and the downtown skyline.


100 feet up. 800 feet across. We survived the #BoldNorth Zip Line!

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3. Murals: Minneapolis is home to numerous murals that highlight the city’s heroes, landmarks, and artistic talent. From downtown’s Bob Dylan to Northeast’s “i like you” to The Murals of LynLake, there’s a backdrop for every mood, group, and occasion.

4. Sculptures: Like the murals, Minneapolis is home to a number of iconic sculptures, including Mary Tyler Moore and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Also, If you’re downtown, keep an eye out for the Super Bowl “LII” ice sculptures!

5. Betty Dangers. A Minneapolis original, Betty Danger’s is half bar, half arcade, and half amusement park. Enjoy energetic and neon colors, craft cocktails, games, and food trucks in this ecclectic Northeast hotspot.

6. ‘Grammable Flights and Cocktails. Hit up Dangerous Man, Able, Bauhaus, or any of the Twin Cities’ more in-the-know breweries, and you’ll find unique carrying trays (paddles, cages, and more), warm atmospheres, and a variety of beer styles. Cocktails more your speed? Check out some Minneapolis favorites in Marvel Bar or Secret Drink Menu (Please, no boomerangs of you cheersing with your friends. You’re better than that.)

7. Stone Arch Bridge. The only of its kind over the Mississippi, the bridge is over 2,000 feet across, offering views of the downtown skyline, the Mississippi River, and the St. Anthony Lock and Dam.

8. First Ave Stars: The iconic First Ave Station got a makeover in 2010, showcasing names of venue favorites from past and present concerts. It also features blank stars, a favorite of Photoshop enthusiasts, for future headliners. Noteworthy stars include Atmosphere, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Brother Ali, Dave Chappelle, The Black Keys, and Motorhead.

9. Winter Carnival: St. Paul’s annual celebration of Winter features ice palaces, ice sculptures, ice bars, food trucks and more. This year’s marquee attraction, The Ecolab Ice Palace is “the central expression of the #boldnorth mindset”, and provides great photo opportunities for those willing to brave the cold.

10. Grain Belt Sign. Just recently resurrected, the historic Grain Belt sign immortalizes one of the most storied breweries in the state’s history. Visible from across the river, the Hennepin Ave bridge, or via drone (see below), the sign covers over 2,000 square feet of space (Protip: Wait until sunset or dusk for the best photo results).


One week until Super Bowl LIVE presented by Verizon! Who’s excited?

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11. The Foshay Tower: The Foshay Tower was the first skyscraper built in Minnesota, and was the tallest building in the state until 1971. The building holds both a museum and an observation deck, offering unrivaled views of the city to give any Instagram profile a boost.

MULTIPLIER: Double points if you capture a Seekins Sighting. Scott Seekins is a rarely-seen local artist, and when he surfaces, Minnestagrammers are quick to share locations and pictures. He’s a bit of both myth and legend, but he’s a social media staple in the Twin Cities.

We know, Jucy Lucy’s aren’t on this list. But let’s be real, while Jucy Lucy’s are undeniably delicious (and you should 100% go get one), is that dimly-lit picture of a greasy burger oozing liquid cheese really “made for Instagram”?

If anything, oozing cheese is better for boomerangs, and boomerangs are better in your story, that place where uncurated, in-the-moment, and less-than-perfect content lives. Post your Jucy Lucy there.

Need a few more suggestions? Check out our Minnestagram Bingo card from a few years back!

Also, to stay in-the-know for all things Super Bowl 52 and what to do in Minneapolis, be sure to follow @thesociallights and the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee on social media!

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