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Generative art tools have been trending this month. As a social media agency, The Social Lights is never afraid of emerging technology and instead we jump into exploring how to use it to increase our creativity and value to our brands. For example, when the A.I. tool DALLE-Mini became available this summer, we helped two clients become some of the first brands to use that technology to create content on their social channels, including Kwik Trip, who experimented with what Shrek would look like shopping at the regional gas station, and Gushers, who took a completely different approach to the best snack ever made.

And now this technology is accelerating! It has come to Adobe Suite, Canva, and this month our Chief Creative + Strategy Officer, Greg Swan, was quoted in Digiday about how it’s coming into stock photo engines like Shutterstock and why that could help reduce risks to brands using generative creative in their content calendars. 

Beyond learning how to write “prompts,” asking ChatGPT to enter our timesheets, and exploring how this new technology works, we’ve also had some conversations about the implications and urgency to be mindful of the content libraries that power these tools. Greg was quoted in this story from The New York Times and Pioneer Press about Lensa and those A.I. selfies we’re all seeing in our social feeds

Key quote: 

“We’re entering a new era of democratized creativity that’s incredibly exciting and full of possibilities. Generative A.I. tools like Lensa have accelerated awareness and adoption of A.I. technology for art, entertainment, and marketing at an exceptional pace. The creative toolbox has found itself another asset. But all of this innovation also means we’re entering a transformational period where we need to ask the hard questions about intellectual property, copyright, fair use, and equity behind the algorithms and databases powering all this exploration and buzz. Magic is good fun, but there’s always more to the trick than meets the eye.”

And no, we didn’t have an A.I. write the newsletter this month. Not yet. 

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