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The Social Lights Instagram Filter - Tree Photo

You know you’ve been instagramming too much when…

1. You know each filter by name
2. You recognize the filter from your feed’s photos
3. You wish a hybrid between Brannan and Hudson existed
4. You spend every second of down time scrolling through your feed
5. You feel like an amazingly accomplished photographer with your abilities to make an ugly picture pretty

The Social Lights Instagram Filter - Irish Cottage Photo

Now that we’ve confirmed your instagram addiction, let’s strengthen it by putting a personality to each filter:

Normal aka #nofilter. Nothing beats the original! Actually, just about everything does! ‘Normal’ is easy to skip since the other filters are so much fun!
Amaro, the  country Western cousin. Lightens your photo and “adds sunshine” (yellow tint).
Rise is simple, showcases warm light and ever-so-subtly evokes nostalgia.
Hudson adds cool, blue tones to even the most boring of photos. Makes darker colors pop and enhances them quite nicely by making things bolder and bluer.
X-pro II  intensifies bright colors, adds dramatic contrast and a vintagey blur.
Sierra significantly softens your images – making objects and landscapes seem light and airy.
Lo-fi has a dreamy quality – it saturates greens and yellows and  adds blurry effects.
Earlybird – isn’t it romantic, don’t you think? The soft glow, faded colors, yellowish tint…
Sutro is a  drama queen. Intensifying everything for dramatic effect.
Toaster aka ” The Mad Men” look. High exposure, 60s-era nostalgic feeling filter.
Brannan  adds a subtle vintage layer while muting colors and toning things down with a vintage wash.
Inkwell is black and white and glam all over. It magically makes photos with bad lighting look really good.
Walden  provides a soft watercolor / retro romantic afternoon effect.
Hefe is intense! It adds a thick black border and intensifies the color palette.
Valencia is easy-breezy, soft and light
Nashville  adds the film strip border on top and deepens the color palette

The Social Lights Instagram Filter - Rome Photo

1977 will bring you right back to, well, 1977. I wasn’t alive then, but maybe the memories are flooding back to you…
Kelvin is like sepia on steroids. Plus it adds a funky jagged border.

Which one is your fav? I’m partial to Hudson & Brannan & Hefe.
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