Happy Birthday to The Social Lights!

This month The Social Lights LLC celebrates it’s 1st birthday! How did we grow up so fast, you ask? We owe it to YOU. The support you provided that allowed us turn our dreams into reality in 2011! A big THANK YOU to our friends, family, mentors, professors and clients. We could not have done […]

The Changing Face of Communication

The Times they are a Changin’ [slideshow] by AC Johnson Photography Gone are the days of typewriters, rotary phones and snail mail…of dial-up, phone books and dusty dictionaries. Enter – Digital Correspondence. Smartphones, emails in rapid succession, texts, DMs, status updates, push updates, check-ins, incessant email checking… It is APPsolutely time to embrace these new […]

Enchanting to Meet You!

The Social Lights® are big fans of Guy Kawasaki! We received autographed copies of his latest book, enchantment! Let us know if you want to borrow it, great read!