Decoded: Social-First Bets For Holiday Planning

Image Text: DECODED: Social-First Bets for Holiday Planning. On a pink background with exclaimation points. Overlaid images include: Sound Bath bowls, a city street, a holiday table scape, strawberry pies in process of being assembled, and a young woman in a hat and sunglasses looking to her left.

Tell me you’re in Marketing, without telling me you’re in Marketing…#ChristmasInJuly. We know holiday planning is in full swing and now is the time to make your holiday social media wishlist…and check it twice. Whether you’re looking to engage your audience in an ownable way or create content to inspire your followers, planning your holiday […]

Decoded: Juneteenth and Fourth of July

Fireworks bursting in the night sky.

As summer heats up, we’re already thinking about important evergreen content moments requiring advanced social content planning. In case you’re asked, “What are we posting for July 4th?” or, “Are we saying anything about Juneteenth on social?” Here’s the download. First and foremost, time and your company’s commitment are critical considerations. If you don’t already […]

TikTok Ban: What Happens Next?

It’s been 13 days since President Joe Biden signed the bill passed by both the House and Senate that pertains to the infamous “TikTok Ban.” Do we think there’s a world where Americans aren’t using TikTok? Not likely, but social platforms evolve. That’s the nature of the social media business. So whether TikTok goes away […]

Social Media Week 2024 Takeaways

From generative AI to the creator economy and that impending TikTok ban, we know it can be daunting to keep everything top-of-mind when you work at the speed of social. So, when we were given the opportunity to take some purposeful time away from the endless scrolling and hear from the top movers and shakers […]

Everything You Need to Know About the TikTok Ban

What happened?  The House voted Wednesday, March 13 to pass legislation that could potentially ban TikTok in the U.S. This bill is intended to pressure TikTok’s China-based owner, ByteDance, to divest the app. Both Democrats and Republicans have raised concerns about the Chinese government’s ties to ByteDance and their purported access to U.S. user data. […]

The Social Lights Names Stephanie Schafer President

Launches Next Phase of Growth through Elevation and Hiring Three Key Leaders Minneapolis, Mar. 25, 2024 — The Social Lights, a Minneapolis-based agency that takes a social-first approach to marketing and counts household brands like General Mills, Massage Envy, Kwik Trip, and Cargill among its clients, today announces the promotion of Stephanie Schafer to President […]

The Vision Pro Isn’t Social Enough (Yet)

You’ve probably heard that Apple released the Apple Vision Pro. Even if you don’t know very much about it, you’ve probably seen the viral pictures and videos of people using it on the Subway in New York or on their Delta flight. We’re always paying attention to the future here, and a couple of us […]

You can’t spell CES without AI

CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is the global gathering of innovators for tech’s biggest showcase of the year. It’s two million net square feet of exhibit space – featuring 4,000 exhibits and 130,000 people gathered in the desert of Las Vegas to see the new and next.  As a social media agency […]

Social Made Me Buy It

In 2023, “TikTok Made Me Buy It” is the new “As Seen on TV”. For years, brands have used social platforms to generate influence and FOMO to drive users to their websites with the goal of a purchase but now, social platforms themselves are full-blown e-commerce sites. According to Tech Report, social media sales will […]