Content refinement for consumer resonance

Transforming consumer truths to create relatable, actionable content

Duke Cannon is a men’s lifestyle brand with a devoted group of fans and consumers. But there was a disconnect from social content to their audience. Their social presence consisted primarily of Duke Cannon inside jokes and product promotions that resulted in low levels of engagement.

That’s where we came in.

Taking inspiration from culture, Duke Cannon’s social community, and trending social media formats, The Social Lights reimagined the brand’s content strategy using consumer truths and UGC.

We leaned into content that had both cultural and community significance. Things like: woodsy smells, a nice glass of bourbon, and building a birdhouse with your own hands because you felt like it. Duke Cannon has its own community on Facebook called, “The Lodge.” Here, Duke Cannon fans can post personal photos, links to articles, basically anything that falls into DC culture. It didn’t take long for engagements to start pouring in. In other words, by leaning into the community, we amplified the brand’s social capital.

Their previous content engagement hovered around an average of 2.81%. Within a month, we had smashed their previous engagement records and hit their stretch goal of a 3.5% engagement rate on Instagram.

Within one month...

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