Creating social capital with cultural relevance

Rewriting the narrative for Wheaties

Wheaties came to us to help relaunch the brand on social media with the announcement of their newest athlete box: The one, the only, Serena Williams.

The 23-time Grand Slam singles champion and four-time Olympic gold medalist tennis player was just the second black woman to grace the cover of a Wheaties box and cultural conversations were heating up around equal pay in sports.

In other words, this launch was a gigantic moment for the brand. Our job was to create cultural capital for the brand by celebrating that the Breakfast of Champions truly recognizes all champions.

We knew this box had the potential to create conversation, and that led to another huge first for this legacy brand. We didn’t settle for just one superstar athlete on a box. We wanted 22. A limited edition box featuring the US Women’s National Soccer team was released exclusively on social media. The success of this social-first campaign completely changed the game for Wheaties and heavily influenced the box launch of their next big athlete, LeBron James.


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